Meals in Premium Comfort Class

In Premium Comfort Class, you'll benefit from a wide choice of top-notch meals and drinks. Buckle up and bon appétit!

Converting our aircraft

We are currently equipping our aircrafts with the new Premium Comfort Class. By late 2024, the transformation will be complete on all Boeing 777 and 787 aircrafts flying to intercontinental destinations!

Intercontinental flights

Welcome on board! Get comfortable with a bottle of water, headset, pillow, and blanket. We’ll serve you a drink of your choice with a small bite once you’re seated.

At dinner time, you can choose from 3 delicious meals, of which 2 are served hot. Your main course will be accompanied by a salad and bread and butter. Combine your favourite dish with selected wines and liqueurs. Still got room for a dessert? You can enjoy ice cream, coffee or tea, and a liqueur of choice.

Throughout the flight, we offer hot and cold beverages. A variety of snacks is available in the galley in the rear of the aircraft. Feel free to ask our crew for an extra snack or drink at any time.

A bit before landing, we serve a second meal or a snack, depending on your flight time.